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Mietek SP3BLK Mietek SP3BLK heeft geschreven op augustus 7, 2022 om 1:26 pm
Witaj Ruud Dziękuje za e-mail i nagranie mojego sygnału cw Kartę qsl wyślę Serdecznie pozdrawiam Mietek SP3BLK
Jurek, SQ9MCP Jurek, SQ9MCP uit Krakow heeft geschreven op augustus 4, 2022 om 5:04 pm
Hello Ruud! I was impressed when you sent me your SWL report! Not only because you was able properly decode CW QSO but also looking at your achievements on you webpage. Exactly as you said, "SWL is not a synonym for second-class HAM". I understood that also after looking at https://swling.com/. That stereotype is probably because I never went too far as an SWL. Well, my grand-parent was a kind advanced SWL – Living in communist regime in Poland the only source of credible information was KF radio. And he was listening a lot, knowing when the best propagation will be, on this old tube based radio. I can see you managed to overcome the antenna problem with nice magnetic loops. Nice!
Mitch - G4WPS Mitch – G4WPS uit United Kingdom of Great Britain heeft geschreven op augustus 1, 2022 om 1:40 pm
Hello Ruud, it's very interesting to receive your SWL Report for the CW contact I had with Marek – SP9MQG, all the way from your fine Short Wave Monitoring Station in Holland. It's a small world, especially to think that I must have passed within a very few km's of your home, whilst travelling through Utrecht by train when visiting DAF's Truck Factory for my job. Best wishes to you and all listeners Ruud. Happy Listening. Cheers, Mitch – G4WPS… PS Don't tell anyone I said so, but SWL's make the best Amateur Radio Operators….
Nigel Green Nigel Green uit M0NGN heeft geschreven op juli 22, 2022 om 12:43 pm
Ruud, Many thanks for the email and listening in to my CW QSO with OE3HOI, Harald, on 18,078 at 1050hrs 21/07/22,Great to hear from you and know there are SWL’s out there. A QSL card is on its way. All the best Tot Ziens Nige (M0NGN)
Tuomas Tuomas uit Kouvola heeft geschreven op juni 8, 2022 om 2:38 pm
Hi Ruud! Tnx for your SWL report and a recorording of my cw signal. It was a second time when I heard my cw recorded, hi. I used my homebrew sideswiper key. Again, thanks and wish you good DXing! Take care. 73 OH5JJL
Pertti, OH2PM Pertti, OH2PM uit Salo, Finland heeft geschreven op juni 6, 2022 om 4:37 pm
Hi Ruud, yes the ten meter band was nicely open today. Thanks for the SWL report. I got my amateur license in 1959. I never had SWL number. Before getting my call sign I had copied about 200 countries on CW.Keep going on with SWL reprting. Best 73 de Pertti, OH2PM
George George heeft geschreven op april 22, 2022 om 11:46 am
Ruud, Hallo! Bedankt voor het rapport. Beste wensen uit Siberië de George RU9UX
tony zhang tony zhang heeft geschreven op april 12, 2022 om 10:57 pm
Thanks for listening, give me an address and I'll take care of it. I wish you all the best.
Kruiswijk, Jos Kruiswijk, Jos uit Amersfoort heeft geschreven op december 27, 2021 om 4:59 pm
Dag Ruud, Nogmaals bedankt voor je ontvangst rpt. 'K ben m,n radio-loopbaan"" als KG-luisterraar begonnen bij de Benelux DX-club. Later door als ZS1KJ in S-Afrika en PA1JEP in Nederland. Altijd veel plezier in liefhebberij gehad. Succes in de radio-wereld. Vr. gr . Jos Kruiswijk
Roger W4MW Roger W4MW heeft geschreven op juli 10, 2021 om 2:19 pm
Hi Ruud, Tks for SWL report. I began as a SWL in 1960s. I like to SWL also, but also enjoy 2x contacts, mostly CW. 73, Roger w4mw
Mark G. Cooper Sr. WN3SIX Mark G. Cooper Sr. WN3SIX uit Hanover Township, Pennsylvania 18706 USA heeft geschreven op juni 25, 2021 om 7:47 pm
Greetings Ruud ! I love your webpage, nice job ! I began as a SWL at age 6 and now I am age 66 in July and just purchased an old Drake Model SPR-4 general coverage receiver for SWL'ing purposes. I LOVE old Drake radio equipment ! 73, Good SWL'ing to you and thank you very much for your report of hearing my QSO with EB3JT, FT8 mode on 6/18/2021 !
Rob Vee Rob Vee uit Leiden heeft geschreven op juni 15, 2021 om 7:16 am
Ziet er gelikt uit en laten we hopen op weinig storing met veel condities de komende jaren. Luistergroet vanuit Leiden, Rob.
Varisha Varisha uit Nieuw-lekkerland heeft geschreven op juni 3, 2021 om 7:42 pm
Hoi pap, hierbij je eerste gastenboek bericht