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Mike Overington - ZL1RA Mike Overington – ZL1RA uit Cambridge, New Zealand heeft geschreven op augustus 18, 2023 om 1:51 am
Hi Ruud, Thank you for your SWL report of the QSO held between VK3DRQ in Adelaide, Australia and myself ZL1RA in New Zealand during a VKCW Net. I was running 130 watts on 20 metre efhw vertical at 10 metres and to be heard from Holland was fantastic confirmation of the capability of my latest Homebrew antenna! Thanks for contacting me – 73 de Mike ZL1RA
Stefan LA0BY Stefan LA0BY uit Oslo heeft geschreven op augustus 14, 2023 om 6:58 pm
Dear Ruud, many thanks for your report of my QSO with IK3XJP on 144 MHz via Meteorscatter, received with a quite small yagi antenna. Enjoy monitoring on VHF in weak signal modes! 73, Stefan
Rudolf Riess Rudolf Riess uit Salzburg Austria – Chaiyaphum and Udon Thailand heeft geschreven op juni 8, 2023 om 6:35 pm
Mni tks for SWL report of beacon HS0ZEA/B and is very appreciated. Op Rolf HS0ZEA-OE2REL:
Imanol G.G.. Imanol G.G.. uit EA2EFI/5w/qrp heeft geschreven op maart 7, 2023 om 2:25 pm
Hello and TNX fer ur SWL card. I'm honored. 73
Colm - EI9KY/P Colm – EI9KY/P uit SOTA Summit EI/IS-017 Waterford Ireland heeft geschreven op februari 26, 2023 om 7:57 pm
Thank you Ruud for your detaILed report on my transmission today. It was my first SWL report so well done. You win a prize of a QSL card 😉
Francis Mayon Francis Mayon uit Fouches heeft geschreven op februari 19, 2023 om 2:42 pm
Hi dear Ruud Always glad to receive reports – ON5QRP ( ON5SE ) and also ON1948SWL . Francky
Curt McCormick WU3U Curt McCormick WU3U uit Elizabeth, PA USA heeft geschreven op februari 13, 2023 om 4:13 pm
Thank you for the SWL report for my 10m beacon at 28.221.80. Beacon is a home built QRP Labs transmitter at 3.75 watts into a home built 10m amplifier which puts out about 16 watts. Transmitter is GPS conditioned every one minute for accuracy and then the transmissions begin again at the start of the next minute. Thank you for picking me up. Curt WU3U/B
Tom Moates -- KN4RRQ Tom Moates — KN4RRQ heeft geschreven op februari 6, 2023 om 5:43 pm
Ruud–Thanks for the SWL report on my CW sig on 10m today. I ti much appreciated as it the recording and photo of your shack. Your QSL card is on the way! 73!
Alf Alf heeft geschreven op februari 3, 2023 om 7:34 pm
Always so glad to receive swl report. Thank you so much Ruud. 73 de IK4POF Alf
Alf IK4POF/QRP Alf IK4POF/QRP heeft geschreven op februari 3, 2023 om 7:22 pm
It's always so nice to me receive swl report. Thank you so much Ruud
Ugo de Veredicis Ugo de Veredicis uit IU4NYV heeft geschreven op januari 28, 2023 om 11:59 am
Dear Ruud! It was a pleasure to receive your email and it’s a great pleasure for me to confirm you receiving report. My QSL card is on the way. Ham world should have more operator like you. Congratulation. Best 73 IU4NYV Ugo
Nick Langmead, G4OOE Nick Langmead, G4OOE uit Scarborough, North Yorkshire heeft geschreven op januari 24, 2023 om 11:04 pm
Hello Ruud, Many thanks for the valued recording of a SOTA qso and signal report on 30m cw. I have fond memories of my SOTA adventures in NL. 73 Nick G4OOE
Robin Travis Robin Travis uit G4DNP heeft geschreven op januari 15, 2023 om 1:53 pm
Hi Ruud and many thanks for your SWL report and the recording of my signal especially as I am still learning to use the paddle. Great to know I was radiating with only 3 Watts (QCX). The report is much appreciated. Good listening and Best 73s Robin / G4DNP
Damian SP9LEE Damian SP9LEE heeft geschreven op januari 4, 2023 om 8:26 pm
Thank you for your extensive SWL report, Ruud! I am surprised it's so detailed, and the attached recording of my signal is something wasn't even expecting. I wish you well reception in 2023!
Vittorio Vittorio heeft geschreven op november 14, 2022 om 4:30 pm
Good evening Ruud! I would like to thank you for the SWL report, it has been years since I received any HI! Kudos also to your cw reception, really not very common nowadays 🙂 I have always ( about 50 years of radio activity ) been an avid QRP operator, although I do not disdain to use higher powers especially during contests, active as II3W or IQ3KU from our radioclub. My working conditions during QSO are 5W with a 20-meter long EFHW wire antenna. In fact, the station is placed JN65DR about 40 km away from my home: it is a remote station made by me ( rtx qrp USDX on a design by Guido PE1NNZ / Odroid XU4 SBC and homemade control / audio software). I will certainly send you my QSL to your address…I prefer paper ones to electronic ones too!!! Have fun and thanks again for the report, much appreciated 🙂
IZ2CPS Roberto IZ2CPS Roberto heeft geschreven op oktober 11, 2022 om 1:47 pm
Thanks for SWL report and congrats for your rx station and nice website, best 73.
Giuseppe IT9ATQ Giuseppe IT9ATQ uit Sicily Island, Catania heeft geschreven op oktober 3, 2022 om 5:26 pm
Hi Ruud, thank you for the SWL report on my IT9ATQ beacon on 21.150 KHz CW. Really nice audio recording of the signal. How nice is our hobby !!! Giuseppe
Mietek SP3BLK Mietek SP3BLK heeft geschreven op augustus 7, 2022 om 1:26 pm
Witaj Ruud Dziękuje za e-mail i nagranie mojego sygnału cw Kartę qsl wyślę Serdecznie pozdrawiam Mietek SP3BLK
Jurek, SQ9MCP Jurek, SQ9MCP uit Krakow heeft geschreven op augustus 4, 2022 om 5:04 pm
Hello Ruud! I was impressed when you sent me your SWL report! Not only because you was able properly decode CW QSO but also looking at your achievements on you webpage. Exactly as you said, "SWL is not a synonym for second-class HAM". I understood that also after looking at https://swling.com/. That stereotype is probably because I never went too far as an SWL. Well, my grand-parent was a kind advanced SWL – Living in communist regime in Poland the only source of credible information was KF radio. And he was listening a lot, knowing when the best propagation will be, on this old tube based radio. I can see you managed to overcome the antenna problem with nice magnetic loops. Nice!
Mitch - G4WPS Mitch – G4WPS uit United Kingdom of Great Britain heeft geschreven op augustus 1, 2022 om 1:40 pm
Hello Ruud, it's very interesting to receive your SWL Report for the CW contact I had with Marek – SP9MQG, all the way from your fine Short Wave Monitoring Station in Holland. It's a small world, especially to think that I must have passed within a very few km's of your home, whilst travelling through Utrecht by train when visiting DAF's Truck Factory for my job. Best wishes to you and all listeners Ruud. Happy Listening. Cheers, Mitch – G4WPS… PS Don't tell anyone I said so, but SWL's make the best Amateur Radio Operators….