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Who am I

The picture you see when opening my web page is a transistor radio from the brand Aristona, type SA4145. You can find this radio in my living room, still playing.

This hobby started for me in 1981. I’ve been really active with this hobby ever since. The first shortwave station I’ve ever heard was Radio South Africa, with a friend who had a Kenwood R-1000. It’s at this moment I found out that worldwide stations were broadcasing on the shortwave.

Shortly after that when I discovered the existence of QSL-cards, the beast in me was awakened. The following years I’ve been busy receiving broadcasting stations in the short wave. My main interest was the tropical brand with the Latin-American broadcasting stations. I heard many and collected a lot of QSL cards and letters. I stored the cards and letters with care and I still do to this day.

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